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Indoor Garden with Led Grow Light, 5.9''-12'', Black

Low-level Water Reminder£ºThe intelligent light prompt function allows us to better understand the growth needs of plants.When the water level is lower than ''FILL TO HERE"£¬blue indicator will flash£¨No Beep£©, Add water to "FILL TO HERE", clear the flashes.When lack of nutrients, add 8 mL each of nutrient solution A and nutrient solution B (about 2 bottle caps), clear the flashes. Auto-timed LED Light£ºFollowing natural conditions, plants generally receive 12-16 hours of sunlight every day, so our 20-watt LED light has the function of automatically adjusting the working time (16 hours of operation, 8 hours of sleep). In addition, LED lights have 3 colors of light (blue, red and white): blue light can promote the growth of stems and leaves, red light helps to blossom and fruit and prolong the flowering period. Height-adjustable Pole from 5.9-12inchs£ºYou can adjust the height of the LED light pole according to the different growth stages(germination, growth, flowering, and maturity)ofAbout this product


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